Realisation of functional mechanical prototypes, crated by fusing metal, aluminium, cast iron, steel, directly from 3D model in just a few days.

The products obtained in this manner have the same characteristics as standard castings.

The metal prototyping cycle:

  • Analysis of 3D mathematical model, feasibility analysis, drafts, and the realization of simulation and casting systems.
  • Modelling of pre-mould using parametric 3D CAD software.
  • Printing of pre-models and any cores with high speed 3D printing machine, even complex shapes.
  • Casting, burring and sandblasting.


Moreover, stereolithography prototypes made of nylon, charged nylon, rubber and carbon are also created.


Thanks tot he extreme versatility of our rapid prototyping system, we can meet even the most varied requirements in terms of size and materials.

Aluminium castings

GAISi7 – GAISi9 – components for internal combustion engines, cylinders, engine motors and pumps, casings, impellers, bearings.

Cast iron castings

G15 – components for stoves, fireplaces and kitchens, grills for cooking tops, caps, burners.

G25 – components for electric motors pump volutes, impellers, motor bearings.

GS 400112 and 400118 – automotive hauling components, tow hooks, bearings, trapezismus.

Iron castings

AISI 304, AISI 316, Fe 430 and other types of steel.